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Benefits of Declaring Your Major

If you are interested in a certain major, but have been hesitant to declare for various reasons, you may want to look closely at the benefits of declaring:

  • Save time and money by taking courses specified to your major.
  • Begin working with your major's academic advisors.
  • Take an important step to graduate with a degree.
  • Relieve stress by having a plan.
  • Enroll in courses that match your interests.
  • Start networking with students and faculty within your major.
  • Gain access to student organizations, scholarships, and departmental activities.


When you are ready to declare, you will want to schedule an appointment with the appropriate advising center to officially declare your major and start discussing your degree plan with an advisor who has specialized knowledge.  Click HERE to find out which advising center to contact.

When you call the advising center to schedule an appointment, try saying something like this...

"Hi, my name is _________, and I'm currently a _________ major (i.e. Exploratory).  However, I'm interested in changing my major to __________ and would like to meet with an advisor to discuss the degree plan and officially declare the major (or pre-major*)."

*Note: Some majors may have certain requirements (i.e. minimum GPA, application process, prerequisite courses, etc).  Don't let this discourage you from meeting with an advisor to discuss the major.  Most advising centers will allow you to declare a pre-major while you work toward meeting these requirements. 


Remember that declaring your major does not have to be a permanent decision, so no fear of commitment is necessary.  Once you've found a major that you believe to be the best fit, start reaping the benefits of declaring!