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Major Myths or Facts?

Test your skills in identifying myth versus reality.  Click each statement to reveal whether or not you are prone to believing common misconceptions about college majors and careers.

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  • MYTH. It is true that certain majors such as Nursing, Computer Science, and Accounting prepare students for fairly specific career fields.  However, a great number of Liberal Arts majors find they have a wide variety of careers to choose from because their background is so broad.

  • FACT.  Liberal Arts graduates develop marketable skills that are highly valued by employers that are applicable to a wide variety of professional jobs.  Examples of marketable skills include leadership, problem-solving, communication, technical, and computer skills to name a few. 

  • FACT.  Course work alone does not determine career success.  Invaluable experience can be gained and important skills can be developed through extracurricular activities, such as student organizations, athletic teams, social groups, and student government. Internships, summer and part-time jobs and volunteer activities play an important part in developing great understanding of yourself and the world.  Supplemental courses and independent study projects can also be helpful.