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Sophomore Outreach

Are you an Exploratory sophomore?

Need help deciding on a major?


If so, take advantage of University College Advising Center's Sophomore Outreach Program this semester. The goal of this program is to provide a customized academic advising session devoted to guiding you through the major exploration process.  

Extended appointments are available from September 17th to December 7th.

To schedule your major exploration appointment today, call us at 512-245-2218

Already decided on a major to declare?

Go directly to the advising center for that major instead!  Click here for a list of advising centers.

Sophomore Outreach Flyer

Benefits of Declaring A Major

  • Save time and money by taking courses specified to your major.
  • Take classes in the subject that interests you most.
  • Gain access to student organizations, scholarships, and departmental activities.
  • Take an important step to graduate with a degree.
  • Relieve stress by creating a plan.
  • Begin networking with students and faculty within your major.
  • Begin working with your major’s academic advisors.

Questions To Ask Yourself

When thinking about a major you should ask yourself:

  • If I could do one thing for free, what would it be?
  • What subject interests me the most?
  • What subject do I dislike the most?
  • Can I see myself working a full-time job in this field?
  • Where and when can I get help and information about this major?
  • What are the requirements for this major?
  • Have I spoken to someone about this major?
  • Have I thought about a career in this field or been to Career Services?