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Ask an Advisor Online



If you have a quick question, don't ask around; Ask An Advisor! 

The Ask An Advisor! feature allows you to get your quick questions answered through email by an academic advisor in the University College Advising Center.

Assure you've read through the information below before sending your questions.

When To Use Ask An Advisor!

You should use Ask An Advisor!:

Black Dot  to clarify a Texas State academic policy and/or procedure.

Black Dot  to locate information about campus resources.

Black Dot  for general questions about the Texas State General Education/Core Curriculum requirements.

Black Dot  if you have any academic questions, comments, or concerns.


You should not use Ask An Advisor!:

Black Dot  to get an academic advising and/or academic probation hold released.

Black Dot  to get assistance with course selection.

Black Dot  to schedule an academic advising appointment.

Black Dot  to discuss your academic performance/progress.

Ask An Advisor! Polices and Procedures 

  1. In order to receive a timely response using the Ask An Advisor! feature, you must:

Black Dot  Include your first name, last name, Texas State ID number, and a reliable e-mail address.  We will use the e-mail address provided by you.  We strongly recommend you provide your Texas State e-mail address (if possible).

Black Dot  Be specific and detailed with your question(s) and/or request(s).

Black Dot  If you have multiple questions, try to ask them in one request. 

  1. You will receive an e-mail response to your question from an academic advisor in the University College Advising Center.
  2. Response e-mails will only be sent Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  3. During non-peak times, responses can take up to one business day.  During peak times (registration periods), responses can take up to three business days.

Click here to use Ask An Advisor!