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BGS Degree Requirements

Major in General Studies

  • 3 Texas State minors
  • 2 General Studies courses
  • Other core and degree requirements as stipulated by Texas State
  • Complete 12 advanced hours in each minor (no substitutions)
  • 2.25 GPA for each minor (all minor courses and GNST courses require a "C" or higher)
  • Minimum of 120 degree hours

General Studies Core Courses

GNST 4300: Interdisciplinary Preparation (formerly GNST 3350)
This course includes a variety of activities and written assignments designed to encourage self-analysis of intellectual/career interests and career planning. Students will develop an interdisciplinary career plan incorporating three formal minors that lead to a Bachelor of General Studies degree.
Prerequisite: Declaration of the BGS major, Texas State GPA 2.0 or better, and department permission.

GNST 4350: Interdisciplinary Project (WI)
In this course students will complete an applied, interdisciplinary project incorporating all BGS component minors. The project will consist of research, interviews, literature reviews, graphic support and other information gathering, presentation, and analysis resulting in a written product targeted at the student’s chosen area.
Prerequisite: Declaration of the BGS major, Texas State GPA 2.0 or better, and department permission.