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Learn More About the BGS Degree

There really is nothing "general" about a General Studies major. Instead, the BGS helps you develop a unique career goal that is matched by three Texas State minors.

You'll enroll in GNST 4300 (previously GNST 3350), a course that helps you learn how to assess your talents, match them with potential careers, choose Texas State minors to best prepare you for your career's requirements, and practice marketing yourself through interviews, résumés, cover letters, etc.

The final BGS course (GNST 4350) challenges you to make use of your education in tailoring a research-based project that innovatively contributes to your career, incorporates all three of your minors, and provides you with a strong foundation piece to use in a job interview.

Both BGS courses have limited enrollment. If you are not in good academic standing, you will not be able to enter the major, and if you are not in good current academic standing, you will not be able to register for either GNST 4300 or GNST 4350.