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Texas State University
Texas State University

Academic Probation

Minimum Academic Standards

To be in good academic standing, students must maintain a minimum Texas State Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0. Students with a GPA below 2.0 are placed on academic probation or suspension, as appropriate.  Only grades earned at Texas State University are considered in determining if a student is in good academic standing, on probation, or suspension.

Detailed information on Academic Probation and Suspension polices can be found on pages 34-35 in the Academic Policies section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

Academic Probation

Academic probation is an emphatic warning that the student’s academic performance does not meet the University’s minimum 2.0 GPA requirement and that the quality of their work must improve during the probationary period to be eligible to continue at Texas State.

University College will notify all General Studies, Exploratory, Exploratory Professional, and Exploratory International Studies majors who are placed on academic probation via Bobcat Mail.

Students placed on academic probation are given two probationary semesters (spring and fall) to raise their GPA to 2.00. If the student’s GPA does not meet the minimum 2.0 standard by the end of the second probationary semester, the student will be placed on First Academic Suspension.

Advising holds are placed on the records of all students who are on academic probation. This hold prevents students from registering for classes and/or from changing their course schedules for upcoming semesters. Advising holds are removed once a student meets with an academic advisor.

To schedule an advising appointment call PACE students should call 512.245.7223.
General Studies, Exploratory, Exploratory Professional, and Exploratory International Studies students should call 512.245.2218.