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For Academic Advisors

Who are National Student Exchange students (NSE)?

  • NSE students are undergraduates of any classification and major
  • They comprise of outgoing students from Texas State exchanging to a host campus or incoming students temporarily visiting from their home campus
  • Exchanges last from one semester to one academic year

How can an academic advisor assist an outgoing NSE student?

  • Provide a degree audit listing remaining courses in a student's degree plan
  • Complete and sign an NSE Academic Advising Agreement form
  • Respond to advising questions via email or phone and update/revise the NSE Academic Advising Agreement form when necessary while the student is visiting his/her host campus
  • Manually amend a student's degree audit upon return, if necessary, based on the NSE Academic Advising Agreement form

What is an NSE Academic Advising Agreement Form?

  • This form is provided by the outgoing student and signed by the student and academic advisor prior to the exchange
  • This form lists the courses the student plans to enroll in at his/her host campus for the semester or academic year
  • The academic advisor reviews the host campus courses and their Texas State equivalents to determine how many (and which courses) are applicable to the student's degree plan
  • The academic advisor may write additional comments pertaining to the exchange and agree to the senior residency requirement, if applicable
  • The academic advisor keeps a copy of the NSE Advising Agreement form for the student's file

What should an outgoing NSE student do prior to making an appointment with an academic advisor?

  • Complete and receive back an Out-of-State Course Equivalency form from Admissions
  • Complete his/her profile information on the front of the NSE Academic Advising Agreement form
  • Transcribe the host campus courses and Texas State equivalents as stated on the Out-of-State Evaluated Course Equivalency form onto the NSE Academic Advising Agreement form
  • Leave the degree options (major requirement, major elective, elective, etc.) blank to be completed by the academic advisor

What should an outgoing NSE student bring to the academic advising appointment?​​​​​​

  • All signed Out-of-State Evaluated Course Equivalency forms from Admissions (there could be multiple)​​​
  • ​​​The partially completed NSE Advising Agreement form
  • Course descriptions of any host campus courses that need an academic advisor or Chair review (the courses may transfer as ELNAs or ELADVs, but could be accepted for a student's degree plan pending academic advisor, Chair, or Dean authorization)

What should an academic advisor do if an outgoing NSE student attends an appointment but is unprepared with these materials?

  • Reschedule the appointment until the student is sufficiently prepared
  • Direct the student back to the NSE Coordinator, Lisa Chrans, for further instructions


  1. Outgoing TXST—NSE student makes an advising appointment prior to his/her host campus exchange.

  2. NSE student should not enter appointment without (1) All Out of State Course Equivalency forms from Admissions, (2) NSE Academic Advising Agreement form (partially completed by student.)

  3. Academic Advisor agrees to the transferability of coursework listed for student’s degree plan. The advisor can indicate courses are degree applicable or electives. This is important for financial aid payment (if necessary.)

  4. Academic advisor signs and copies the NSE Academic Advising Agreement form. The NSE student returns the original form to the NSE office.

  5. The form is a contract for the applicability of coursework from a host campus. This form can be used to update an NSE student's degree audit upon return to Texas State, and also for financial aid verification.

Questions? Please contact:

Lisa Chrans
National Student Exchange Coordinator
University College UAC 144