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Student Testimonials

Previous incoming NSE students' thoughts about choosing Texas State as their exchange institution:

The people I met here throughout my stay have been truly wonderful. Texans are warm, kind, and hospitable. Texas State's campus is so beautiful and every day that I walked to my classes I felt so happy for my choice to come here. My classes had been enjoyable and educational. I think the professors at Texas State try hard to accommodate students in every way possible. I think if students could watch a videotape of Texas State they would consider this school as much as anywhere else because of the climate, cost of living, and accessibility to other cities. I have told all of my friends to come visit and check it out. I definitely recommend Texas State to students.

            —University of Wyoming student who exchanged to Texas State

The opportunities that Texas State and the Austin area have to offer are outstanding. I had a great time and wish I could stay!

—University of Hawaii-Manoa student who exchanged to Texas State

I love how Texas State is on the highest hill in San Marcos. The town is beautiful and the people here are great.

—University of North Dakota student who exchanged to Texas State

I had the 'real' college experience—living in a college town and having school spirit. Living on campus really helped me to meet solid friends that I know I will keep in touch with for years to come. Texas definitely has its own state of mind. Being here is almost like being in a different country. Going to school here has taught me how to rely on myself. It's different when Mom and Dad are 1500 miles away as compared to 30 minutes.

—California State Polytech, Pomona student who exchanged to Texas State

I have already promoted Texas State. I loved it there and I wish I could have stayed for my last year of college but the logistics did not work out. But I will definitely be coming back when I can! I am pleased with where I lived, what I joined, who I met, the things I did...everything. I could not have asked for a better year!

—University of West Florida student who exchanged to Texas State

I met dozens of great friends and got to experience living in Texas. The location of Texas State allowed me numerous opportunities to do all sorts of things: concerts, professional sporting events, great Big 12 games, etc. The best part was the weather.

—Iowa State University student who exchanged to Texas State