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Financial Aid Contact

U.S. Federal Financial Aid applies to BOTH Plan A & Plan B payment plans. 

Plan A Payment: (Pay HOST institution their in-state tuition & fees)

  • Apply/receive financial aid from HOST institution ONLY.
  • Update your FAFSA form with HOST institution code found on the host campus's NSE Profile Page.
  • Some TXST grants and scholarships may not apply to this payment plan.


Plan B Payment: (Pay TXST 15 credit hours of tuition & fees)

  • Apply/receive financial aid from Texas State ONLY.
  • Apply for aid as you would any other semester to TXST.
  • To receive your full aid, you must only register for academic advisor-approved courses applicable to your degree (as found on your NSE Academic Advising Agreement form provided after placement).
  • As soon as your semester concludes, you will be asked to complete a Verification of Enrollment form with your host NSE Coordinator to continue TXST financial aid.  The form will be provided by your TXST-NSE Coordinator.


For more information about completing or updating your FAFSA form for either payment plan, or for financial aid disbursement questions visit:

Financial Aid & Scholarships Office

JC Kellam 240