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Student Testimonials

Texas State students' thoughts about the NSE program after completing their exchanges:

I had a great time in Hawaii! I got to scuba dive, snorkel, and go parasailing. I could attend classes during the week and see an active volcano on the weekend all while paying in-state tuition! You can't beat that.
—Texas State student on exchange to the University of Hawaii at Manoa

I wanted to go somewhere cold for the fall semester. The University of Northern Colorado was an ideal choice. I knew I would learn different things for my exercise & sports science major that I could bring back to Texas State. My introduction to snowboarding class was certainly an education!
—Texas State student on exchange to the University of Northern Colorado

I knew joining the NSE program would require some time and effort on my part to fill out an application, get recommendations, and organize an advising agreement. I was also a little unsure about exchanging to my desired location, the faster-paced life of New York City. I decided to commit to the program and went to Hunter College. One day I called my Texas State friend and she was discussing her plans for the weekend. The minute that I told her I was going to a Broadway show on Friday and Central Park on Saturday, I knew I definitely made the right decision.
—Texas State student on exchange to Hunter College, City University of New York

I truly enjoyed this experience. Although this may sound unusual, I believe I grew as a person through this exchange. I would recommend that Texas State students research the universities they are interested in to find the programs, diversity, and location preferences that combine to create an unforgettable exchange.
—Texas State student on exchange to Southwest Missouri State University

The freedom of choosing to exchange with over 180 universities and colleges was amazing. I wanted to pick a school that would give me a new perspective on my marine biology major. I certainly found that at the University of the Virgin Islands at St. Croix. Being on an island surrounded by water, I was able to explore my major in ways I never thought I could. The fact that UVI-St. Croix is a historically African-American university also made the exchange a tremendous cultural experience!
—Texas State student on exchange to the University of the Virgin Islands-St. Croix

At first I was concerned about exchanging far away from my Texas home. Could I maintain my grades, meet new friends, and be on my own without getting really homesick? There was an adjustment at first, but after meeting with my new NSE coordinator and fellow NSE participants from all around the country, I felt very comfortable. Throughout the exchange, I did maintain my grades and I found some long distance friendships that I have kept to this day. I would have to say that I had a truly life-changing experience.
—Texas State student on exchange to the California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

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