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How to Apply

1.  For an exceptional NSE experience, research is the key. Stop by the NSE office to pick up an NSE directory of participating colleges and universities, or view the web-based NSE directory (pdf). The directory has a wealth of information including a listing and description of each NSE campus and major areas of study.

2.  You can further explore the list of participating NSE colleges and universities online. Click "Host Campuses in U.S. & Canada" in the navigation panel to the right for further information.

3.  Once you find a college or university you are interested in, check that the college or university offers your major/minor and is affordable.

4.  When you have researched and chosen a host school (with alternative choices), complete an online application. The one-time application fee is $200 (cash, check, or money order.) During the application process you will request a faculty member, mentor, or employer recommendation before entrance into the program. 

Notes: Listing more than one school choice on your application is highly recommended. Receiving your first-choice institution is likely, but not guaranteed.

Financial aid applies to both payment plans.  Be sure to research the right payment plan for you based on affordability and placement availability.  Contact the NSE Coordinator for further guidance and information.