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Career Readiness Institute

The goal of the Career Readiness Institute is to support student development of soft skills as they prepare to enter the workforce through presentations, workshops, and our Career Readiness Certification. CAFE highlights the following softs skills below: 

Strong Work Ethic

Creative Problem Solving

Communication Skills


Congratulations to our Fall 2019 Scholarship Winners

C.R.I. Symposium Scholarship Winner
Financial Awareness Week Scholarship Winner

There are five tracks that students can choose to receive their Career Readiness Certificate of completion that can be added to their résumé.

Students can take part in (1) One-day Symposium and make a coaching appointment, (2) Attend our two-hour workshop for soft-skill development as well as make a coaching appointment, (3) Attend a coaching workshop and make a coaching appointment, (4) Attend a financial workshop and make a coaching appointment, or (5) participate in at least three of our four opportunities that includes Bobcat Career Prep, Job Fairs, Leadership Institute, and/or The Price is Right.

This Spring, CAFE will offer Career Trip for students. Be sure to click the link for more information. Our services are always free, and we invite you to join us for as many events as you would like. 

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