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Career and Financial Education: Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Career and Financial Education (CAFE) is an innovative program where Texas State students will learn how to successfully transition from the university to professional schools or enter the workforce. Texas State CAFE exists with the primary goal of bringing juniors and seniors to new levels of career readiness and financial awareness as they progress toward graduation. 

  • Graduation Coaches are experienced graduate students who have earned a baccalaureate degrees and obtained professional work experience. Graduation Coaches will assist students with the skills needed for timely graduation and advancing their academic or professional careers. 

  • Students are able to request a graduation coach by clicking here and completing the questionnaire. Students will then be matched to a Graduation Coach with similar interests and/or career focus and emailed with contact information to meet their Graduation Coach. 

  • The Career Readiness Institute offers students the opportunity for further soft-skill development through a workshop series as they prepare to enter the workforce.


    • The Junior/Senior Year experience (JSYE) program at Texas State provides tools that will empower juniors to:
      • Refine their educational and life goals.
      • Prepare for their chosen career path.
      • Further develop their skills as citizens and leaders.
      • Further develop relationships with faculty, staff, and other students.
    • JSYE will address the following topics
      • Strategic thinking skills
      • Effective and efficient management projects
      • Decision-making skills
      • Professional meeting management
      • Budget development for personal career 
  • The Career Readiness Workshops cover workplace development. The following topics will be discussed in separate workshops series: 

    • Goal-development 
    • Creating a personal budget for after-college 
    • Time-management for personal and professional Life 
    • Communication through writing 
    • Professionalism in the workplace 
    • Presentations in the workplace 
    • Developing strategic thinking skills 


  • Each participant is expected to attend at least 10 out of the 12 workshops in order to receive your certificate of completion and to gain the full benefits of the workshops. 

  • The Financial Literacy Program is a three-part workshop series that prepares students to become competent in the following areas: (1) loan and credit repayment; (2) car financing and mortgages; and (3) retirement and health insurance.