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Career and Financial Education

Career and Financial Education (CAFE) is an innovative program where Texas State students will learn how to successfully transition from the university to professional schools or enter the workforce. Texas State CAFE exists with the primary goal of bringing juniors and seniors to new levels of career readiness and financial awareness as they progress toward graduation.  

Texas State CAFE offers students one-on-one sessions with experienced Graduation Coaches who have earned baccalaureate degrees and obtained professional work experience. Coaches will assist students with the skills needed for timely graduation and advancing their academic or professional careers.   

Offered Services:

  • Academic coaching 
  • Financial transition plans
  • Soft-skill development
  • Career readiness workshops 
  • Personalized post-graduation preparation

CAFE Student Learning Objectives 

  1. Students will be on track for graduation. 
  2. Students will demonstrate the ability to present information in a concise and compelling manner.
  3. Students will describe techniques essential to remaining organized in one's professional and private life.
  4. Students will develop skills essential to prioritizing work and workload.
  5. Students will be able to communicate ideas and explain information clearly in writing. 
  6. Students will be able to develop strategic thinking skills based on information and data.
  7. Students will list steps required to effectively and efficiently manage a project. 
  8. Students will present effective public-speaking skills. 
  9. Students will describe decision-making processes appropriate to their career goals or objectives. 
  10. Students will demonstrate their ability to manage a professional meeting. 
  11. Students will create a personal budget for their lives as career professionals.