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Presentation Request Form

Due to high volumes of presentation request, we will no longer be taking request for presentations for Fall 2020. 

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Presentation Topics

A list of presentation topics can be found below. Customized or unlisted topics may also be available. Identify a topic in the field below, or suggest a customized topic. 

  • Overview of CAFE. Learn more about the services CAFE offers and how it will benefit students. (Presentation lasts about 20-30 mins.)
  • Organizing personal & professional life. Establishing a healthy balance of personal and career demands. (Presentation lasts about 30-40 mins.)
  • Prioritizing work & workload. Learn what it takes to balance the demands of a professional job to set you apart from others. (Presentation lasts about 20-25 mins.)  
  • Professionalism in the workplace. Recognize the importance of professionalism and what it looks in the workplace. (Presentation lasts about 45 mins.)
  • Managing professional meetings. Understand what makes an effective meeting and how to execute it. (Presentation lasts about 45 mins.) 
  • Presentations in the workplace. Discover the impacts presentation skills have in the workplace, as well as dos and don'ts. (Presentation lasts about 45 mins.)
  • Budgeting. Overview of the foundation of budgeting, as well as creating long- and short-term goals to establish financial autonomy. (Presentation lasts about 45 mins.)
  • Credit. Overview of the components of credit and how to establish your credit.  (Presentation lasts about 45 mins.)
  • Student loan repayment. Overview of the steps to repaying student loan, how to find your loans provider, and how to consolidate your loans.  (Presentation lasts about 45 mins.)
  • Personal Finance. Provides a broad overview of personal finance that includes: improving one's financial literacy, measuring financial health, determining where your money goes, spending, and planning for major goals . (Presentation lasts about 45 mins.) 


Student classification

Successful submission of this form is not a presentation confirmation. A confirmation email will arrive shortly from a CAFE staff member.