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HSI STEM Impact Program

COVID-19 Statement from DHSI Programs

DHSI programs are fortunate to have technological resources made available by the university to meet with students remotely, thus adhering to social distancing practices recommended by the CDC and aligned with guidance from President Trauth. We will maximize these resources to continue our support of student learning and student success while contributing to supportive efforts.  Meet with us face-to-face remote via Zoom or Teams, email, or call. We can be reached at



Technology Assistance for Needy Students

The HSI STEM Impact Program has received supplemental funding for the 2020-2021 academic year. The goal of this supplemental funding is to support remote learning for students with financial need. We are able to provide Windows laptops, wifi hot spots, and funds to be used to purchase home internet access.

Please note that laptops and hotspots will be loaned to students and must be returned at the conclusion of the Spring 2021 semester or when the student stops being a Texas State Student, whichever comes first.

Dr. Laura Cortez

HSI Forum

Dr. Laura Cortez was the keynote speaker for the HSI Week Forum.

The HSI STEM Impact Program enhances and strengthens the STEM success pipeline through high-impact practices and outreach.  HIGH-Impact services are provided to new freshmen, transfer, and continuing students in STEM baccalaureate programs within the College of Science and Engineering. 

HSI STEM Impact strengthens STEM success through professional development and research.  Faculty can serve as Mentors for undergraduate STEM research and guide students through this STEM Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE).  Faculty and Staff can develop cultural fluency to increasingly diversify the STEM student experience. 

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