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Many undergraduates feel intimidated by faculty’s knowledge and fear appearing inadequate. This “imposter syndrome” can make students reluctant to engage with faculty beyond the classroom. These fears may be particularly prevalent among first-generation students (46% of the Texas State population). The Lightning Rounds event is designed to make it easier for students to take that first step of engaging with a faculty member in a non-threatening, fun environment.

This will be the second year of the Lightning Rounds event, and the first was quite successful! This year we anticipate registration of about 150 students. Please help us by promoting it in your classes! The SURE faculty advisory council has suggested one change to this year’s event: participating faculty will each do a 1-minute presentation of her/his research interests to the whole group of attendees prior to the speed-networking part of the program.

Do you agree to be at the venue (LBJ Student Ballroom) by 4:00 p.m. to do your presentation? *

(Please note: your responses to the following will be distributed to students prior to the event.)

Please send any questions to, or