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Collaborative Efforts

To improve Hispanic and limited-income success in STEM, HSI STEM Impact has collaborated with several on-campus partners to provide high-impact services to new freshman, transfer students, and continuing students in STEM baccalaureate programs. High impact services that collaborative partners provide are:

  • Academic Advising (PACE Advising Center)
  • Academic Coaching (CAFE Program)
  • Peer Mentoring (US1100)
  • Peer-Led Team Learning - Supplemental Instruction & Tutoring (SLAC & MathCATS)

Services are provided with the goal of improved academic achievement, retention, and graduation of underrepresented minorities in STEM.

HSI STEM Impact directly provides the STEM Undergraduate Research Experience and strives to improve and expand the STEM pipeline with community colleges through communication, information exchange, and flowcharts. Prospective STEM students from Texas community colleges are welcomed to campus through an innovative STEM Insight Visit Day experience.

Student Panelists
Alex engaged by Dr. Hailey
Insight Visit Day Group
Advising Presentation
Evelyn speaking

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