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Undergraduate Research

SURE Students Share Experiences

Definition of Undergraduate Research: An inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline. Students who participate in undergraduate research shift from being a member of a community learning about science to being in a community of practice of those doing science. - Council on Undergraduate Research

STEM Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)

The STEM Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program offers first-generation and Federal Pell Grant-eligible students the opportunity to participate in a ten-week intensive research experience, mentored by Texas State faculty in the College of Science and Engineering. Students will spend up to one week in orientation, a minimum of eight weeks conducting research, and one week preparing to present their research at a recognition ceremony. .

SURE is a key component of the HSI STEM IMPACT Program and Quality Enhancement Plan 2020 at Texas State University hosted by University College. 

Learn Everything You Need to Know in 3 Workshops!

There are 3 SURE workshops to ensure your application is as strong as it can be: Informational Sessions, Letter of Recommendation Workshops, & Letter of Interest Workshops. Registration for each are listed below.

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    • First-hand experience in a research setting
    • Mentorship offered by STEM faculty and staff
    • Develop marketable skills and career readiness
    • Convene with community scholars and research teams
    • $15.00 hourly pay to complete research
    • Individualized advising and academic coaching
    • Costs for required lab and poster presentation materials covered
    • Professional Development

     Weekly Seminar Series

    SURE Participants continue to participate in professional development opportunities to enhance their undergraduate research experience during the summer program.  Sample topics include: Developing Your Brand, Communication Skills - Elevator Speeches, Poster Design, Communication to the Scientific Community, and Individual Development Plans.

    SURE Participants also have the opportunity to build fellowship and community with other students who are serving as Undergraduate Research Assistants. 

    1. Enrolled as a STEM major – Major must be within the College of Science & Engineering

    2. Minimum 2.75 TXST GPA

    3. Completion of at least 24 credit hours at TXST

    4. Must be U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident

    5. Must meet one of the two following criteria:

      1.  Demonstrate financial need in one of the following ways:

        • Be Pell grant eligible

        • Have been awarded Federal work-study

        • Have been awarded Perkins Loan

        • Have been awarded Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

      2. Be a first-generation student

    First-generation students are those whose parents have never earned a bachelor's degree but may have some postsecondary experience.

  • Students interested in participating in the 2019 SURE Program must attend an informational session to receive more information about eligibility requirements, required documentation, and letter of interest information.  Informational sessions will be held on the following dates and times:

    Monday, October 1st @ 10am - UAC 124

    Tuesday, October 2nd @ 10am - UAC 275

    Wednesday, October 10th @ 3pm - UAC 142

    Thursday, October 11th @ 3pm - UAC 124

    Monday, November 5th @ 3pm - UAC 142

    Tuesday, November 6th @ 3pm - UAC 124

    Wednesday, November 14th @ 10am - UAC 382

    Thursday, November 15th @ 10am - UAC 382

    Register for a 1-hour informational session.

  • How to Earn (and ask for) a Letter of Recommendation - Communicating With Faculty

    Monday, October 1st @ 11am - UAC 124

    Tuesday, October 2nd @ 11am - UAC 275

    Wednesday, October 10th @ 4pm - UAC 142

    Thursday, October 11th @ 4pm - UAC 124

    Monday, November 5th @ 4pm - UAC 142

    Tuesday, November 6th @ 4pm - UAC 124

    Wednesday, November 14th @ 11am - UAC 382

    Thursday, November 15th @ 11am - UAC 382

    Register for a 1-hour informational session.

Small Discussion

SURE mentees participate in faculty & staff guided group activities on various career-building exercises and topics.

Noel Mireles research presentation

SURE mentee, Noel Mireles, presenting the results of his summer research to his peers and mentors at the end-of-program oral presentation.

Michael Sanchez - SURE Undergraduate Researcher

The SURE program provides a platform upon which to nurture public speaking skills as well as develop invaluable scientific communication skills.

Diego Torres at research site

The SURE program offers the opportunity to conduct research in any environment and to provide students with one-on-one mentoring by TXST faculty.

Research Mentor, Dr. Castro with Undergraduate Researchers, Karina & Kristen

Work alongside actual scientists and form lifelong connections with those individuals who are actively contributing to the scientific community. Join the SURE program!