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What is Undergraduate Research?

According to the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR), Undergraduate Research is an inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline.

Who should partake in Undergraduate Research?

STEM IMPACT believes that faculty members enhance learning and societal contributions by completing research and involving undergraduates in the process as soon as possible. STEM IMPACT requires program participants to have at least completed 24 hours at TXST. 

Do I need to have an established relationship with my Faculty Mentor?

Students are not required to have an established relationship; however, it is important to have discussed your interest in completing research with your professor.  Professors must provide a letter of recommendation and be aware that you are interested in working with them on their research.

What is the benefit of participating in Undergraduate Research?

Research has revealed the vast professional personal benefits of Undergraduate Research.  Students gain research and marketable skills that come with firsthand experience in a lab setting.  Students advance professional skills, gain opportunities for scholarly publication, build relationships with faculty and other scientists.  Many times the experience provides career clarification including the growth of self-confidence, independent thought processes, and a sense of accomplishment (Lopatto, 2006).

How do I apply to the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)?

TXST students must complete the following: (1) Submit the online application (2) Submit a Letter of Interest (3) Request two letters of recommendation from any TXST faculty.  Students must authorize STEM IMPACT staff to obtain transcript information such as grades and GPA. 

How long is the SURE program?

Summer 2019 program is 10-weeks long.  The program will be held from May 28 - August 7 at TXST.  Students are expected to attend an orientation on May 28 - 30 and to present their findings at a convening scheduled on August 7.

What costs are affiliated with completing Undergraduate Research through the HSI STEM IMPACT program?

Students are not accountable for any costs during the program.  The STEM IMPACT program will pay for needed lab and safety supplies (up to a limited dollar amount). 

Will I be paid for participating in the STEM Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)?

Yes, students who participate in the SURE program are paid on a bi-weekly basis.  Students are required to track and submit hourly time sheets for approval.  The amount paid will be dependent on available funds and the amount of participants.

Can I take summer classes during the SURE summer program?

No.  We have found that those who are not taking classes at the same time as participating in research benefit the most from the experience.  

What if I already have another job ON-CAMPUS during SURE?

It is highly recommended that students focus on their research during the 10-week program. Students who are working on campus, must not exceed the maximum hours worked per week.  Students not enrolled in classes may work UP TO 80 hours per pay period.

What if I already have another job OFF-CAMPUS?

It is highly recommended that students focus on their research during the 10-week program.  Students who are NOT enrolled and NOT employed elsewhere are able to contribute UP TO 80 hours per pay period to their research.

How many hours per week will I be allowed to work? 

You may work UP TO 80 hours per pay period. (i.e. 1st-15th)

I don't have secured housing during the summer, will I be provided housing during the SURE program?

STEM IMPACT may provide housing during the SURE program only to those who need it.