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Texas State University was named one of the nation's top teacher preparation programs in the new edition of National Council on Teacher Quality! 872 undergraduate programs were reviewed, and Texas State came out on top.


Project Maestros will develop and enhance success in pre-service education programs at Texas State by creating a support network for both continuing and transfer students. Students receive academic support through transfer navigation, academic advising, and academic coaching. Professional development opportunities will enhance students’ skills and strengthen cultural fluency to prepare them to lead a diverse Texas classroom.


Texas State will draw more significant numbers of community college students as it becomes known as an institution that values and supports aspiring teachers, regardless of the pathway they follow to arrive on our campus. As a result, Texas K-12 classrooms will increasingly be led by teachers who reflect the diversity of the Texas population, and who have, themselves, come from similar communities as the children they inspire.

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  • Key Terms

    • Academic Advisors assist students with course selection, registration issues, understanding degree requirements and academic policies, and GPA calculations. Advising sessions are available by appointment. Mandatory advising sessions are required for all incoming students as well as students on academic probation/suspension. For all other students it is recommended that they attend at least one advising session per semester.

    • Transfer Navigators provide direct services to prospective transfer students including but not limited to: degree and teacher certification exploration, degree navigation, transfer admissions guidance, and referrals to on-campus resources and students organizations. The Transfer Navigator serves as direct connection to Texas State University through weekly outreach at local community colleges and on-campus events in order to introduce prospective students to the Bobcat community.

    • Academic Coaching is an interactive process that focuses on the personal relationship created between the student and the coach. Academic Coaches help empower students to take an active and productive approach to their own learning. Academic Coaching is an action-oriented approach to enable students to become self-advocates for their education guided by a positive supporter.

      Academic Coaches will help with:

      • Setting goals and strategies for Academic Success
      • Note Taking Skills
      • Study Skills
      • Problem Solving Skills
      • Test Taking Skills
      • Financial Literacy
      • Building academic self-confidence and self-motivation
      • Identifying resources to enhance both academic success and personal development
      •  Developing a plan of action - holding you accountable - to achieve substantial results.
    • Transferable skills, sometimes called “soft skills,” are qualities that can be transferred from one job to another–for example, from classroom teacher to school or district administrator, specialist, or counselor. Soft skills can even be transferred from education to other industries. Surveys of employers across the workforce often note the following as important transferable skills: 1) verbal and written communication; 2) dependability; teamwork (working productively with others, including those who are from different cultures); 3) organization (time management); 4) adaptability (ability to deal with change); 5) leadership; and 6) technology literacy (ability to adapt to evolving technologies).

      • Communication skills help you know when and how to ask questions, how to read body language, and how to impart information to people in a variety of contexts. Cross-cultural and intergenerational communication skills are essential to teachers.
      • Teamwork requires abilities such as empathy and active listening.
      • Leadership is the ability to inspire and guide a team.
      • Dependability includes punctuality, organization, and responsibility.
      • Organizational skills means effectively setting priorities, meeting deadlines, communicating with others in a timely manner, and following instructions or guidelines well.
    • Skills development is the process of (1) identifying skills gaps, and (2) developing and honing these skills. A student’s skills determine his or her ability to execute plans successfully. Maestros Professional Development programs are designed to address perceived gaps in skills. Maestros staff identified topics by interviewing recent graduates, principals and HR directors at school districts; reviewing the literature; analyzing surveys of current students; and responding to feedback from students attending initial trainings.

    • Cultural responsiveness is the ability to learn from and relate respectfully with people of your own culture as well as those from other cultures. According to the National Center on Culturally Responsive Educational Systems, understanding cultural responsiveness in the field of education means creating equitable learning opportunities for all students.

      “When speaking with a student who comes from a cultural background different from your own, one must intellectually, emotionally, politically, and socially engage. One needs to speak with both their heart and their head.”