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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Project Maestros is a grant-funded program that seeks to support pre-service teacher development. Project Maestros aims to help the transition for pre-service teachers transferring from community colleges to Texas State and to provide tools to develop well-rounded educators through professional development and academic advising. 

  • Project Maestros serves students seeking teacher certification who are 1) planning to transfer to Texas State or 2) are currently enrolled at Texas State.

  • Appointments can be held on the Texas State campus, during Austin Community College (ACC) office hours, or online. 

    1. Goals: Think about your academic, career, and personal goals. What major do you want to pursue at Texas State? How will this major prepare you for your career?
    2. Questions: Come up with a list of questions. For example: When is the best time to transfer? What on-campus resources does Texas State offer?
    3. Documentation: Bring any documentation that may be important to transferring to Texas State. This could be a copy of your unofficial transcript.
    4. Be professional: Be on time. If your appointment is online treat it as if it were in person. Dress appropriately and be in a distraction-free environment. 
    5. Follow up: If you think of additional questions after your appointment, you can followup with