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Mission | Vision


Project Maestros will develop and enhance success in pre-service education programs at Texas State by creating a support network for both continuing and transfer students. Students receive academic support through transfer navigation, academic advising, and academic coaching. Professional development opportunities will enhance students’ skills and strengthen cultural fluency to prepare them to lead a diverse Texas classroom.


Texas State will draw more significant numbers of community college students as it becomes known as an institution that values and supports aspiring teachers, regardless of the pathway they follow to arrive on our campus. As a result, Texas K-12 classrooms will increasingly be led by teachers who reflect the diversity of the Texas population, and who have, themselves, come from similar communities as the children they inspire.

A U.S. Department of Education Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions (DHSI) Title V Grant Program

The Maestros grant program strives to grow the teacher education pipeline at Texas State University.  

Maestros is designed to promote student completion of education and teacher certification programs in a timely manner. We hope to improve transfer rates from community colleges to the education and teacher certification programs at Texas State and improve student achievement and academic recovery. A team of student success professionals is committed to enhancing education and teacher certification degree completion.

Maestros also improves pre-service teacher development of "transferable skills" desired by employers and cultural fluency enhancing their transition to Texas’ diverse classrooms.