Transfer Students

Students transferring from Texas public institutions will have core curriculum courses from the other institution accepted into core curriculum categories at Texas State University. State legislation mandated this transferability of core curriculum coursework for students who have a catalog designation of 1999 or more recent. Identification of these courses is provided on the transcript through code numbers placed before the course names. (See General Education Core Curriculum for 1999 or later Catalog Designation for the code numbers as we use them for Texas State coursework.)

Students transferring from other institutions of higher education will have their transcripts initially evaluated by the Office of Admissions to determine which courses will be accepted at Texas State. Those seeking further evaluation of courses designated ELNA or ELADV (elective non-advanced or elective advanced) for fulfillment of General Education requirements may make a request through University College. For directions and the appropriate form to use in making a request, please see our Transfer Evaluation Request page.

University College will also provide initial advising for those transfer students who have not been admitted to a major at Texas State. Please contact us if you have any questions about transfer equivalencies related to General Education requirements.